Saturday, November 3, 2012

Occupy Wall Street: Get Behind Us or Get Out of the Way

It is difficult to sum up what the Occupy movement is. Not because we have no clear agenda or exacting goals but because Occupy means so many different things to so many different people. However, there is one value we all seem to embrace: Social Change.
There is no one central figure that we idolize or elect because we are all leaders and we all work together in whatever ways we can to bring about social change and to move humanity forward. We don’t have a single mouth-piece to speak for us. Occupy makes us speak for ourselves. It is more than an idea. More than a movement. Occupy is empowerment to all of those who choose to reach out and take responsibility for our community and society.

I have news for those of you who are Conservative- whether politically or socially. You are fighting against the greatest power known to humankind. Change. And your fight is futile because change is the one constant. It will never diminish. It will never go away. You are trying to freeze time. It is a foolish idealism but you are welcome to it. If you want to live in your own little world and pretend that the world is not subject to change and progression then you are free to do so. That is the beauty of free will.  Though, if you are not behind us then just get out of the way. Step aside and let the people that embrace and enact change do what we do best. Change will happen with or without you.

As for the critics that complain that the mass media is too liberal…wait…I just spit out my coffee. The alleged “Liberal” media is obviously NOT liberal enough which is why Citizen Journalism has sprung up worldwide. Are Citizen Journalists seeking fame and fortune? Not so much. In all reality it is the ideals that the truth should not be hidden from us that spurred a revolution within media. Aren’t Citizen Journalists just amateurs? Some are. Some aren’t. Their educational background or lack thereof is not a hindrance to the stories that are being told. It’s the spirit of the Occupy movement and all other movements pushing humanity forward that is behind their reporting. To show the world the truth.  The real truth.  This, without corporate sponsors and political agendas actually makes the medium more trustworthy than mass media. Citizen Journalism is really the only responsible journalism left in the world.

“Where does Anonymous come in?” You might be wondering. Why is Anonymous (Anons) linked to the Occupy movement? That is easy since Occupy and Anonymous are not exclusive ideals. Anons (for the most part) are also fighting for social change, justice, and giving the people the truth. Giving us the tools to use our own minds, form our own ideas, and affect our own change.  All of the time I see Anons lumped in with Anarchists. Are Anons Anarchists? Some are and some aren’t. I will tell you though, most Anarchists have different definitions of anarchy. Just like most Occupiers have different views of what social change means. Anons are a mix of people as are any group. Some are Occupiers, some are not. That is the beauty of the Occupy and Anonymous movements – the freedom to choose and the desire to expose the truth to the people.

The politicians and people who are against globalization are too late. Globalization was change and it happened whether you wanted it or not. Our world has changed and now society must also change to meet the new demands of a Global Society. Change is the ONLY constant. Either one must learn to adapt or humanity will proceed without them, leaving them to extinction.

Occupy is about the people. About the society we live in and are fighting for fairness and justice, freedom for everyone of every class and social/economic situation. What are we fighting for? That one is simple: a better world. We are fighting for equality. We are fighting for the future. We are fighting to put compassion back into humanity. We are crossing party lines, religious ideals, and economic boundaries. We accept everyone who is for change and reject nobody. If you do not agree with us then we respect your right to your own opinion. But words of warning- If you do not get behind us then get out of our way. Occupy cannot be stopped. Change will never cease.

November 3, 2012

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  1. Nicely written. I think it's important for people to realize that change is so vital t the world. If we don't change, others will and we will be left behind. That doesn't mean we have to compromise any morals or values, it just means we have to adjust how we express them in a positive, effective way.